Mayor Jeff Hazel, updating Grand Lake Rotarians on June 29th, 2017:

“My intent is to have that amphitheater built … this year. And I think we can do that – no, I know we can do that.”

(10-18-17) At the recent Celina City County personnel and finance committee meeting on Monday night it was announced that the Mercelina Park amphitheater project construction deadline had been pushed back to late summer or early fall of 2018.

One item mentioned during the meeting was the moving of dirt at the site and that it needed to be completed before the  building plan can be put in place. VTF Excavation, which is a part of VanTilburg Farms of Celina,  has been awarded a $142,800 contract to complete dirt work at the site along Lake Shore Drive. In September, Mayor Hazel said that due to design delays, the amphitheater would not be finished, no mention at that time of dirt needing to be moved first.

Harley Jones Rotary Memorial Amphitheater:

Harley Jones Rotary Memorial Amphitheater
Harley Jones Rotary Memorial Amphitheater
  • designed by Bassett Associates of Lima
  • to be built on the former Mercelina Park softball field
  • city officials  will oversee the amphitheater
  • city received $1.2 million in state capital dollars (must be named after Harley Jones)
  • a walking path around the amphitheater