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(7-29-17) It’s almost been twenty years since the City of Celina bought the Hawk property on Lakeshore Drive. In August the Celina City Administration and Council will lay out the future plans for the new Bryson Park District. They will be asking for community input, this is a chance for you as a taxpayer to get your ‘moneys worth’.

Sharing your thoughts and input now will give the city administration time to consider these thoughts before the meeting.


You are invited to give comments and suggestions below or visit our Facebook page

1- thoughts on the Harley Jones Pavilion, seize and location, should it be leased out for events, including weddings

2- re-routing Lakeshore Drive

3- removing current bridge for a walking bridge

4- will you use a splash pad after it is built

5- walking path, will you use it

6- board walk all along the current Lakeshore Drive

7- will you plan outings at the new park, picnics

8- the future of the Hot Water Hole leave in place or remove

9- should a beach for swimming be a part of the plan

10- should adjoining properties to the park be purchased

11- added playground facilities

12- should West Bank Road and new Park be tied in together

13- should the current Band canopy stay in place


Other items or consideration that you see to making the park a showcase for the community.

  • Should the park be geared to use by community members or as a tool to bring in tourist or both?
  • Should private businesses be encouraged to build in the park area, shops, diners, etc.

The input you give now will be helpful as the park project moves forward.