(5-22-23) On May 15th, the staff at EverHeart Hospice made an extra special visit to one of their patients. Oakley was born with a very rare birth defect and wasn’t expected to make it very long after her birth. This week the team from EverHeart Hospice helped her celebrate her 2nd birthday with a special music therapy session, birthday toys, and of course a group singing “Happy Birthday!”

Jennifer Overholser, Marketing Manager at EverHeart Hospice

“It’s moments like these that are why our team shows up every day. “This is a true example of our mission in action – to honor life with trusted care. It is a blessing to meet a person where they are in their journey and add quality to their days on earth.”

Left: Amy Pearson, Music Therapist, holding Oakley

Right: Melissa Walker, LPN, holding Oakley while Amy Pearson, Music Therapist, plays the guitar

EverHeart Hospice, formerly State of the Heart Care, is a non-profit Hospice and Palliative Care provider serving patients and families since 1981. To learn more, visit their website at everhearthospice.org.