(5-18-23) It is not a good start for boating and swimming in Grand Lake.

On Monday the Ohio Department of Health issued Recreational Public Health Advisories and has closed four beaches on Grand Lake including Windy Point, Main West, Camp, and Main East.

Signs are posted at the four beaches.

This is due to the high levels of microcystin from Algal bloom.

According to David Faler, Park Manager and Canal Lands Manager Grand Lake St. Marys State Park a lack of ice covering this past winter in the lake was most likely the increase in the microcystin count.

What is microcystin?

Microcystin is a potent liver toxin and possible human carcinogen. Cyanotoxins can also kill livestock and pets that drink affected waters. Fish and bird mortalities have also been reported in water bodies with persistent cyanobacteria blooms.