(5-16-23) Below is listed headlines from this morning on national media sites on the release of the Durham Report.

What is the Durham Report?

On October 19, 2020, John Durham was appointed by Attorney General William Barr to serve as the Special Counsel by the order below.

READ the Durham Report – (pdf) 316 pages

How the national media is reporting the findings…

The major networks, CBS, NBC and ABC had only one story on the report and it was not the feature article.


Special counsel John Durham’s report on Trump-Russia probe released

CNN – You Tube Video


Durham report, long-awaited by Trump supporters, fails to deliver on hype

MSNBC – You Tube Video

CBS News

Special counsel John Durham’s long-awaited report on FBI’s Russia investigation released by DOJ

NBC News

Special counsel issues report criticizing FBI for launching Trump-Russia investigation

ABC News

After 4-year probe, Durham report slams FBI for actions in 2016 Russia investigation

Fox News

Mark Levin: The FBI did everything it could to destroy Trump

Fox News You Tube Video


BREAKING: Durham report reveals FBI had no ‘actual evidence’ on Trump-Russia collusion

Newsmax You Tube Video

Sky News (UK)


Sky News (Australia)

FBI responds to scathing Durham report on Trump-Russia probe

‘Witch hunt’: Durham’s damning findings on FBI Trump-Russia probe revealed

Sky News Australia – You Tube Video