(5-8-23) The Mercer County Board of Elections will hold a Special meeting on Wednesday May 10th at 11:30 am for the purpose of voting on the validity of the provisional ballots and to remake any ballots according to Directive 2023-06.

The following is in response to an Outlook e-mail on the process.

Deb Sneddon, Mercer County Board of Elections 

Yes, this is for the Celina School Income Tax Levy.

There were 5 provisional ballots cast, all from voters who moved with-in the county. 

There were six absentee ballots that could have been accepted if they were postmarked on Monday May 1st and received by Saturday May 6th. None of those outstanding absentee ballots were returned.

The board will vote on the provisional ballots, and we will scan them and if any need remade due to be torn or unable to be scanned, the board will vote to remake them.

Since the total for the board to vote on is only 5, I can’t see it changing the results as there is currently a difference of 9 votes. 

If the final numbers are within ½ of 1% of total votes cast, there will be an automatic recount.

Otherwise, we plan to do an audit on June 6th, randomly selecting 5% of the votes cast.