(5-3-23) The Leota Braun Charitable Foundation was recently recognized by the Rockford Chamber of Commerce for 20 Years of service.

The Foundation exists to provide financial support for projects and activities that will improve the quality of life for residents of the Ohio communities of Rockford, Willshire and Mendon, as well as surrounding rural areas of the Parkway Local School District.

Pictured — Board of Directors are pleased to receive this plaque, in gratitude for all of the continued support of our organization:
▪️ Ryan Twigg, president
▪️ Lisa Sheppard, vice president
▪️ Melanie Shindeldecker, treasurer
▪️ Kevin Krall, secretary
▪️ Heidi Walls, director
▪️ Fred Getz, director
▪️ Michelle Kimmel, director
▪️ Donna Bates, director
▪️ Leah Thompson, director