DAYTON, Ohio (May 2, 2023) – Joyce/Dayton Corp. (Joyce), the premier manufacturer of screw jacks, actuators and lifting equipment in North America, is celebrating 150 years of designing and manufacturing products at a level and breadth unparalleled in the industry. Joyce is known in the industry for setting a high standard for product quality, customer service, and skillful customization of products to meet unique requirements.

Brad Weiss, President, Joyce/Dayton

“As we celebrate our first 150 years, we’re grateful for the many individuals who have contributed to our success,.Our employees are talented and dedicated, and our customers’ trust in our products and services over the years has been unmatched. We’re fortunate to celebrate this anniversary and to continue to make waves in this industry.” 

Drawing on its strong history, Joyce is now a giant in the linear motion sector, leading the way with exceptional customer service, high quality products and innovative custom solutions. Today, Joyce’s corporate office is located on South Dixie Drive in Kettering, Ohio, and its manufacturing facility is located in Portland, Indiana adhering to ISO 9001:2015 standards. In 2012, Joyce acquired EDrive Actuators Inc., manufacturer of electric linear actuators located in Newington, Connecticut, expanding upon the robust Joyce product offering to include industrial automation solutions. 

Joyce was founded in 1873 as Joyce-Cridland Company by Thomas H. Cridland, J.O. Joyce, and his son F.I. Joyce. The company began with a small factory in Franklin, Ohio, manufacturing a new type of railroad jack, known as “Joyce’s Patent.” Over the years, Joyce jacks were used to lift rail cars and engines. They were also used to re-level railroad tracks, playing a vital role in the transportation of goods across the country. During WWII, Joyce railroad jacks were indispensable in clearing tracks after bombings in Europe, and Joyce airplane lift stands were valuable tools used to maintain the US fleet of aircraft. For its wartime efforts, Joyce received a commendation from the US government.

With a strong foothold in the railroad jack business, Joyce transitioned into manufacturing jacks and lift equipment for automobile shops, service stations, and public transportation systems in the early 1900s. Joyce’s innovative products revolutionized the way maintenance was done across numerous modes of transportation, and offered a safer way to lift vehicles for oil changes and other work.

In the decades that followed, Joyce’s lifts became more sophisticated, lifting public buses, trains, and factory trucks. In 1965, Joyce built jacks to support the Atlas rocket at Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Today, you’ll find Joyce products used around the world in a wide variety of applications such as raising and lowering stage and orchestra pit lifts, positioning playing surfaces in large arenas and baseball pitching mounds, adjusting heights of bottling lines, and maintaining rail transit cars. Joyce products can lift anything from heavy-duty materials to delicate laboratory equipment, and its machine & ball screw jacks, electric cylinders, and actuators are used worldwide.

Weiss added-

“It’s truly incredible to consider how Joyce has developed over the years, providing product applications today that our founders could never have dreamed of in 1873. While our products have advanced to meet customer needs, we’ve stayed true to our belief in high quality work supported by superior service and engineering expertise. We’ve built a reputation of trust.”

Fundamental to Joyce’s longevity and success in business is its commitment to quality and service. The Joyce name is synonymous with high quality, reliable lifting equipment. All Joyce products are supported by a qualified and experienced team of application engineers and customer service representatives with the expertise needed to develop innovative solutions for today’s customers, as well as engineers who are tenured industry experts.

Joyce’s rich history serves as a foundation on which it has expanded and evolved. With an eye on the future, Joyce has deployed new technologies, including JAX® Online, a free, industry-leading software that enables customers to specify the right jacks and components for their ideal lifting and positioning systems.

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About Joyce/Dayton Corp.

Founded in 1873, Joyce/Dayton Corp. works diligently and delivers superior linear motion equipment to customers to lift and position loads worldwide. From heavy-duty to light weight applications; airline maintenance lifts, damper jacks, and earth station antenna adjustment jacks and much more, Joyce has rightfully become the trusted name in linear motion. And we do more than manufacture lifting jacks and actuators, we offer the engineering support you need to design and specify complete systems. Contact an Application Engineer today.