(4-7-23) This week the Outlook received an email from a person hoping to find a little help.

The email included details of issues they had submitted to both the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office and the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office. The Outlook requested a response with both offices on the context of the email.

The Outlook received the following email within 24 hours, a joint statement from the two offices.

Erin M. Minor, Mercer County Prosecutor

“The Mercer County Sheriff’s Office investigated a complaint filed by Mr. xxxxx.  The Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office reviewed the results of the investigation and declined to pursue criminal charges because no charges could be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Below is parts of two separate emails sent to Outlook for the person seeking help.

For 15 years I lived and ran a business in Mercer County. I loved living in Mercer County. I enjoyed helping my neighbors when they needed it. Now I need help . . . crickets.

Filed two complaints with the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office nearly a year ago over corporate theft. One over fraudulent use of a personal credit card and the other for Felony theft, amount over $40,000.

I’ve had every penny I worked for, for over 20 years stolen. All of my family heirlooms stolen and my ex business partner took all of the money out of the business accounts. XXXXX closed the companies without my permission and I was the principle member of both corporations. Monies that I had secured as an SBA loan and personally guaranteed to finish our company software XXXXX took as well over, $40,000. We put all of the profits from the company into our home/office. We put the property in XXXXX name….  When the property sold in October of last year, XXXXX kept off the proceeds from the sale and didn’t pay off the business liabilities as we agreed. Those XXXXX stuck me with and no means to pay them off.

I’ve spoken to an attorney at the Ohio Supreme Court, the Ohio AG’s Office and a another local prosecutor’s office and they all agree that this stinks to high heaven.

Due to privacy issues names were not shared of the individual who sent us the email and those involved in the situation.