(3-30-23) Seventeen Tri Star Med Prep seniors worked overtime recently to become certified STNAs, including spending their weekend testing. STNA curriculum is covered as part of the instruction in the Med Prep program, however students have a choice as to whether they want to do the extra work required to take the test and earn certification.

The “overtime” consisted of completing 75 hours of instruction with 16 clinical hours (minimum) worked in a nursing home. STNA candidates had extra assignments and instruction pluspractice in the skills for the hands-on portion of the exam to cover the Ohio Department of Health required information. They had to be able to perform 22 skills, although for the assessment the students would only be tested over three or four of them. STNA candidates also had to purchase a workbook and the state required content for the certification testing.

Congratulations to these 17 Tri Star Med Prep seniors who earned their STNA certification:

Kelsey Brandon
Betsey Braun
Alyssa Diller
Emily Ellis
Alix Englehardt
Kenidee Fear
Addison Gerlach
Brianna Kaup
Avery Kremer
Mackenzie Miller
Carly Norris
Sophia Ontrop
Megan Reinhart
Krista Ruppert
Olivia Schwartz
McKenzie Waterman
Audrey Wendel

Back Row (L-R): Betsey Braun, Addison Gerlach, Kenzie Waterman, Sophia Ontrop, Krista Ruppert, Alyssa Diller, Carly Norris, Megan Reinhart

Middle Row (L-R): Emily Ellis, Audrey Wendel, Avery Kremer, Brianna Kaup, Olivia Schwartz

Front Row (L-R): Kelsey Brandon, Kenidee Fear, Mackenzie Miller, Alix Englehardt