(3-19-23) Celina’s Kendra Stetler never lets a good plan go to waste…but this one my go to your waist.

Stetler’s new Facebook page…Grand Little Bake Shop…according to Stetler she wanted to find a way to combine her passion (baking) and purpose (giving back to the local community).

Stetler plans on selling and auctioning off various pies, cookies, and cakes and all sale proceeds will go to the Esmonde Family Scholarship fund that is used to give scholarships to three deserving Tri Star seniors annually.

Baking is a past-time that many enjoy and Stetler has all of the qualities to produce the product…she will do videos on cooking some items and sharing recipes.

Stetler knows a little about the food industry…her mom and dad Ken and Chloe Esmonde were the owners at one time of the Celina and Van Wert Orchard Tree Family Retaurants.After a tragic traffic accident that claimed her parents, the children, including Stetler, took control for several years of the business.

If desserts are your thing the Grand Lake Bake Shop is the place to be.