(3-14-23) The City of Celina has stopped accepting credit card payments for utility bills after learning its third party processor, Payment Service Network Inc. of Madison, Wisconsin, has halted reimbursements to the city. As of yesterday $30,000 in credit card payments have not been reimbursed to the City of Celina by PSN.

The PSN website has not issued a statement on the situation on their website.

According to the PSN website

Established in 1999 as one of the earliest pioneers in the truly all-electronic payment industry, PSN’s mission was to automate the recurring customer payment process by integrating the web-based PSN system with account management (now CIS) software. Our mission today, as it was then, is to bring efficiencies and cost savings to the payment and billing process for companies while providing their customers all of the payment options that technology provides now and into the future. We achieved widespread industry success by being adaptable; we customize services for each business to meet their specific needs. As a result, we now serve over 5,400 (and counting) business accounts. In 2020, PSN joined forces with InvoiceCloud, and together, we provide the industry’s leading electronic payment and billing platform. 

PSN has been affiliated with Silicon Valley Bank which was seized by the U.S. government after collapsing on Friday. Yesterday President Joe Biden says that the American banking system remains safe, and outlined the actions being taken after the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank.

Biden addresses the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank | FULL STATEMENT

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PSN processes online payments for income taxes and utility bills for electric, water and wastewater services, as well as any fees for engineering services such as building permits and park and recreation fees for children’s sports programs.

Utility payments can still be made with cash, check or through monthly automatic withdrawal from bank accounts.