(3-12-23) On March 10, 2023, the Mercer County Bar Association and the Mercer County Courthouse 100th Anniversary Committee co-sponsored an essay contest for Mercer County eighth graders.
Fifty essays were submitted from students attending Coldwater, Marion Local, Fort Recovery, Parkway, and St. Henry schools.

For the contest, students had three topics to choose from: (1) What does “justice” mean to you?; (2) The United States has been afflicted by rising crime over the last few years. What should be done to address this problem?; and (3) Why is it important for residents of Mercer County to have an understanding of the role played by our county courts?

The winners of the contest were as follows: Alayna Birt (Marion Local Schools), first place; Kelsey Seitz (Coldwater Schools), second place; and Fiona Qiu (Coldwater Schools), third place.

The Mercer County Bar Association and the 100th Anniversary Committee thank all the students who participated in the contest.