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Springfield Train Derailment…All Clear Given

(93-5-23) All clear on Saturday’s Norfolk Southern train derailment in Springfield according to Clark County officials.

After analysis, four tankers were identified with non-hazardous materials. Two tankers contained residual amounts of diesel exhaust fluid, while the other two contained residual amounts of polyacrylamide water solution.

There were no spillages detected and officials claimed that there were no risks to public health, although the site remained “active.”Officials also claimed the drinking water near the site of the derailment was safe to consume.

According to a tweet from Ohio Governor Mike DeWine…President Biden and Secretary Buttigieg called me to offer help from the federal government.

Norfolk Southern railroad is also the owners of the disaster in East Palestine, located in eastern Ohio, and now has had two major derailments in Ohio in 2023..

Clark County officials responded on social media to the derailment –


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