(2-8-23) The Ohio Department of Commercer Director of Licensing Paul Kulwinski recently approved the Celina Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area (DORA) in the City of Celina. It was determined that 23 permit holders are located within the boundaries of this Outdoor Refreshment Area. The Division emailed the permit holders a letter authorizing them to operate within the ORA.

During the state’s review, they also found that the permit holders below did not appear on the “Qualified Permit Holders” list submitted by the City of Celina.

These permit holders fall within the boundaries of the ORA and were also sent a letter:

  • #5717936 – McCoy Pizza Company LLC
  • #5284975-14733 – Loom Lodge 1473 Celina (duplicate bar)
  • #0320707-0530 – Bob Evan Restaurants LLC dba Bob Evans Restaurant 533

  • Permit #08579980005 – Bottle n Keg Inc did appear on the “Qualified Permit Holders” list submitted by the City of Celina; however, the permit was transferred to McCoy Pizza Company LLC on April 26, 2022
  • The permit holders below have a permit application pending with our office. If the permit is approved, the permit holder will be sent a permit with an “ORA” designation on the permit authorizing them to operate within the DORA:
    • #7605990 – Rush Basketball Academy LLC dba Rush Sports Complex
    • #8035450 – James Watson House LLC

Eric M. Lochtefeld, Celina City Council, Member At-Large

“I’m excited the Celina DORA has been approved. Next we will work with permit holders to establish standards and prepare to educate the public and businesses on how to operate a safe and successful Outdoor Refreshment Area. I look forward to working with the community to kickstart this new endeavor.”

Mayor Jeff Hazel added this to the DORA plan after this story was posted –

The Department of Commerce ultimately approved the City’s application for a DORA. They made some adjustments as a result of license transfers, etc, but the proposed area boundaries remained as submitted. The application was submitted approximately 1 year ago. The remaining two items include the final disposition of thew annexation of the Boardwalk (which is currently at the Board of Elections and is awaiting tax map changes) and ODNR is to open up the City’s lease agreement for the Boardwalk to allow for DORA coverage.