Gettysburg, OH, 12/04/2022 – Quest Gaming, with offices based in Gettysburg and Lima, is gearing up to release a revolutionary line of TTRPG products. These products will be compatible with the most popular table-top role-playing games in the world.

Ryan Harner, Quest Gaming’s Editor-in-Chief

“We’re all extremely excited. Months of work is going into this product line, and we’re starting to see our hard work come to fruition.”

The new line of TTRPG products, labelled, “Inquisitor’s Orders,” is on track to release in early January, and will feature compatibility with games such as Dungeons & Dragons ® and Pathfinder ®.

Harner said-

“The sourcebook can be inserted into any already-existing game, and so can the adventures. And character level doesn’t matter.”

Quest Gaming has launched a Kickstarter campaign to gather the appropriate funds to advance this line of products. The products will eventually be released regardless, but the Kickstarter campaign will jump-start the creative process while giving these early customers (backers) the opportunity to receive these products at a fraction of the cost.

You can support the Kickstarter campaign and enjoy early access and discounted products by going to

About Quest Gaming

Founded in 2020 by a group of tabletop gamers local to western Ohio, Quest Gaming, LLC offers hand-crafted products perfect for any tabletop RPG game, as well as a full line of printer-friendly digital products and accessories, such as fifth-edition campaign adventures. We also collaborate with other members of the TTRPG community to bring everything we love about RPGs under one roof.

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