Decatur, Indiana (12-1-22) James Allan Mettler (72) Bluffton is being held without bond in the Adams County Jail after police say he tried to pay for sex at a Decatur hotel as part of an undercover investigation.

The Adams County Sheriff’s Department was using a confidential informant to arrange a meeting Wednesday with Mettler at the hotel. Mettler allegedly had a conversation with the informant about exchanging money for sex.

Mettler was arrested at around 4 p.m. at the hotel. Mettler had been out on bond from Grant County for a similar offense that he was arrested for in July of 2021. Mettler, a former police officer, retired after 30 years years of service from the Bluffton Police Department in March of 2013.

A judge ordered Mettler to be held without bond.