(10-27-22) Out of a bad situation…when 15 puppies were left on the roadside…at least one happy pup has found a new home.

Stella is in her new ‘fur’ever home thanks to Jeff Rausch and his family—

He wrote on the Outlook’s Facebook page –

We adopted the first baby girl from this litter of 15. She is spoiled rotten already. Her name is Stella!!! We are also donating three big bags of dog food to the warden. We are asking anyone else if they can donate leashes or dog food to please help. We can deliver it to the warden if other people can’t.

The dog warden and Mercer County Sheriff’s Department were dispatched to Burrville Rd between Oregon Rd and Frahm Pike late on October 24th. to pick up dogs that had been dumped.. They were in bad shape with their hair being matted with fecal and straw.

K9to5 Doggy Daycare in St. Marys stepped up to help with the grooming of eight of these dogs…

Would be interesting to see the DNA of these now ‘lucky’ puppies.

A Cinderella story with a very happy ending…that gives us all the feeling of wonderful people who care about these people.