(10-27-22) Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina campaigned in Lima for US Senate candidate JD Vance. Also in attendance were Republican Gov. Mike DeWine and Ohio GOP chairman Mike Paduchik.

Graham while talking about Vance also got a response when he mentioned Jim Jordan –

“You got something really special here. This guy (Vance) is going to change the Republican Party, change the Senate, all for the better. But here’s some words that really rattle the Democratic Party. What’s the worst thing the Democratic Party wants to hear? (Judiciary Committee) Chairman Jim Jordan.”

“There are gonna be people jumping off bridges in San Francisco by the thousands. You know, New York City, they may literally shut down.”

“I can’t wait until he gets the gavel. The best trade in the history of politics is Jerry Nadler for Jim Jordan. You’re saving about 200 pounds.”

“The bottom line is we’ll have oversight. We’ll ask questions you’ve been dying for somebody to ask, and we’ll see what kind of answers we get. We’ll get to the bottom a lot of this crap. You can only do that if you’re in charge.”