Scott Gels, Rep. Jordan and Bob Hibner

(10-20-22) Bob Hibner and Scott Gels recently met with Congressman Jim Jordan (R) to discuss Community Sports and Therapy Center’s Musculoskeletal Health and Safety Services program that has made an impact on two local employers. Congressman Jim Jordan was interested in learning more about the program after hearing the success of reduction in musculoskeletal claims and costs in his district.

In addition to traditional outpatient therapy services, CSTC has a specialized Musculoskeletal Health and Safety Services program for employers seeking to keep their employees healthy and at work. Many fortune 500 corporations have recently implemented prevention and safety programs like this. CSTC’s Occupational Accountable Care (OAC) program specializes in providing these services scaled to the size and needs of local companies. The program identifies symptoms early to prevent injuries and subsequent claims which creates a collaborative employee/employer relationship and promotes employer retention. In addition to treating existing symptoms, the Musculoskeletal program is keen on prevention by incorporating wellness practices and behaviors in the workplace. 

Community Sports and Therapy Center thanks Congressman Jordan for showing interest in the safety of local employees and their employers. If you have musculoskeletal needs or would like to learn more about the Musculoskeletal Health and Safety

Community Sports and Therapy Center has provided outpatient therapy services to West Central Ohio for over 42 years with locations in Mercer Health at Coldwater, Mercer Health Medical Group at the Galleria in Celina, and Mercer Health Medical Group at Fort Recovery.

Services program, you can visit or email To schedule a meeting, please call 419-305-7734.