Multi-Generation, Family-Owned Company Recognized for its Significant Contributions to Ohio’s Agriculture Industry

Oakwood, Ohio (9-19-22) – Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose recently recognized Cooper Farms for the company’s significant contributions to Ohio’s agriculture industry. As one of just seven companies featured in Secretary LaRose’s Agriculture Industry Spotlight, Cooper Farms was recognized for creating jobs, supporting Ohio communities and embracing modern farming operations that are propelling the industry into the future.

Gary Cooper, chief operating officer of Cooper Farms

“Secretary LaRose understands the crucial role agriculture plays in Ohio’s economy, and he’s always been a great friend to our state’s large ag community. As a family-owned company with more than 2,500 team members working every day to help feed Americans, we appreciate Secretary LaRose doing his part to keep our state as business-friendly as possible so we can continue to focus on creating jobs and supporting the communities where we live and work.”

Agriculture is Ohio’s number one industry and today most of Ohio’s 77,000 farms are run by families. As farmers and the small businesses who support them are busy preparing for the harvest this month, Secretary LaRose is highlighting special businesses that provide not only for their families, but for their communities across our state.

Secretary LaRose

“Working on a small family farm taught me valuable life lessons, such as work ethic and grit. Ohioans are known for these values and they’re exemplified in our agricultural community. These are traditions that will continue to be passed on from generation to generation as Ohio’s oldest and largest industry continues to provide the food, fiber and fuel the world needs and to power our state’s economy.”

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About Cooper Farms

Cooper Farms is a diversified farm and food company based in Northwest and West Central Ohio, an area rich in agricultural tradition. Born and raised in the area, the Cooper family has strengthened existing relationships and made new ones, deepening their roots and growing their father’s business.

Today, raising turkeys, hogs and laying hens is only half of the business. Vertical integration has allowed us to monitor quality throughout our processes, ensuring our customers are receiving the highest quality products possible. This includes taking a hands-on approach to overseeing the day-to-day care of our animals, as well as manufacturing the feed that keeps them healthy and strong.

Quality extends to our food processing plants, where all of our high-quality meats are produced and packaged. At Cooper Farms, our path to innovation is never ending and ever-changing. We are constantly striving to maintain a flexible business model to consistently meet our customers’ needs.

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