(7-4-22) Police have Robert “Bobby” Crimo III (22) in custody after a brief pursuit for the mass shooting where t least six people were killed and 30 were wounded at a Fourth of July parade in Highland Park (northern suburb of Chicag) Illinois.

Crimo performs under the name Awake the Rapper.

According to a youtube.fandom.com account, “Awake” released his first song “By the Pond” and then released a music video on an official artist channel.

The fandom description said the rapper gained a cult following since he and his music “disappeared from the internet.”

In 2021, he resurfaced with a video that showed him in a school classroom. At one point, he grabs onto an American flag and poses with ammunition.

His his father is a small business owner who ran for mayor of Highland Park in 2019 and lost in a two-to-one margin to the incumbent.

There have been no charges filed yet.