(6-21-22) On 06-20-22 a search Warrant, signed by Judge Jill Worthington of the Van Wert Municipal Court, was conducted by the Van Wert Police at a residence in the 600 clock of E Main St.

At approximately 12:45 pm the Van Wert Police Department, with the help of the Van Wert County Sheriff’s office, executed a search warrant.

During the search, a suspected very large Psilocybin Mushroom grow operation, LSD, and DMT as well as other drug related items were located. A loaded Glock 9mm hand gun and a large sum of money were also confiscated. All of these items will be sent to the BCI&I lab for testing. Once the lab results return, several felony cases will be presented to the Van Wert County Prosecutor Eva Yarger for review for Grand Jury.

If anyone has any information about drug activity, please contact the Van Wert PD (419)238-2462.