OYRs endorse 27 young conservative legislative and state central committee candidates

COLUMBUS, Ohio (6-28-22) – Today, the Ohio Young Republicans announced 27 endorsements of Republican candidates for legislative and state central committee elections. 

This list includes Jacob Larger who is running in District 84, encompassing Auglaize, Darke and Mercer counties.

Larger said about the :

“It is a tremendous honor to be endorsed by the Ohio Young Republicans, and to be counted among a group of highly qualified incumbents as well as up-and-coming stars in the Republican Party.  This endorsement demonstrates that our campaign goes beyond one or two issues, and is recognized for representing the common sense, conservative values that I’ve promoted since this race began, and the same values I promise to champion as your next State Representative.”

Incumbent State Representative Susan Manchester of the 78th District was also endorsed.

OYR Chairman Torri Huebner

“The Ohio YRs are proud to announce this slate of 27 endorsed candidates from around the state. Our most important job as YRs is to recruit and equip young talent to get directly involved in Ohio politics. These young candidates are infusing our party with energy, talent and hard work, and we are proud to stand with them as they fight to protect Ohio’s status as the best state in the country to live, work and raise a family.”

The endorsed candidates are:

State legislature

  • Rob McColley, State Senator, 1st District
  • Nathan Manning, State Senator, 3rd District
  • Ronald Beach IV, for State Representative, 5th district
  • Brian Stewart, State Representative, 12th district
  • Joe Murray, for State Representative, 27th district
  • Steve Demetriou, for State Representative, 35th district
  • Josh WIlliams, for State Representative, 44th district
  • Thomas Hall, State Representative, 46th district 
  • Adam Mathews, for State Representative, 56th district
  • Al Cutrona, State Representative, 59th district
  • Nick Santucci, for State Representative, 64th district
  • Michael Loychik, State Representative, 65th district
  • Mark Frazier, State Representative, 68th district
  • Susan Manchester, State Representative, 78th district
  • Monica Robb Blasdel, for State Representative, 79th district
  • Jacob Larger, for State Representative, 84th district
  • Riordan McClain, State Representative, 87th district
  • Jay Edwards, State Representative, 94th district
  • Ron Ferguson, State Representative, 96th district
  • Sarah Fowler Arthur, State Representative, 99th district

State central committee

  • Josh Culling, State Central Committeeman, 2nd Senate district
  • Katie DeLand, State Central Committeewoman, 12th Senate district
  • Patrick Reagan, State Central Committeeman, 9th Senate district
  • Gloria Martin, State Central Committeewoman, 14th Senate district
  • Jonathan Zucker, State Central Committeeman, 26th Senate district
  • Kayla Atchison, State Central Committeewoman, 27th Senate district
  • Monica Robb Blasdel, State Central Committeewoman, 33rd Senate district