(5-19-22) Chad George Allen Wells (36) Portland, who set a fire to the Portland Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, 506 E. Walnut St., and the parsonage on December 13th, 2021, was sentenced yesterday to six years in prison. Under the terms of a plea agreement, another arson count and two burglary charges were dismissed.

Jay Circuit Court Judge Brian Hutchison instructed the Indiana Department of Correction should “provide mental health assessment and treatment”.

  1. 35-43-1-1(a)(4)/F4: Arson damage by fire or explosive a structure used for religious worship
    • Plea By Agreement but Mentally Ill
  2. 35-43-1-1(a)(1)/F4: Arson knowingly damage by fire, etc. the dwelling of another w/o consent.
    • Dismissed with Prejudice
  3. 35-43-2-1/F4:Burglary Burglary of a dwelling
    • Dismissed with Prejudice
  4. 35-43-2-1/F5:Burglary
    • Dismissed with Prejudice

Wells told investigators that he had set the fires because he believed the Catholic Church was “at fault for COVID” and said the COVID vaccination to be “the Mark of the Beast.”