EDITORIAL: by Dave Schmidt

(5-11-22) This is an important issue we are all facing, but in this world we live in the main stream media has decided to defend abortion. Those who oppose it are called Anti-Abortion at this time, no mention of being Pro-Life.

That is why sometimes it needs to be said…that the killing of babies is wrong from conception to late term.. You hear that women’s rights are being trampled…very weak argument. Every woman can abstain from sexual encounters, the can give their babies a chance for life via adoption. To abort a child because you don’t want it is selfish. To kill a living baby after a failed abortion attempt is evil…yes it happens.

Those who say we are just a ‘glob of cells’ and are not alive, forget we all started as ‘globs’.

Below you will find interviews with those who have gone thru a lot of the issues and the main stream media has decided not to share them.

Focus on The Family You Tube Video

Those who advocate for abortion emphasize that women should be able to choose what happens to their bodies—but as abortion survivors, Melissa Ohden and Claire Culwell are standing up to be voices for babies who are unable to speak for themselves, at any time during a pregnancy, or after being born alive in a failed abortion procedure.

While in the womb, Melissa soaked in the toxic saline infusion abortion for five days and still survived, and was nearly left to die, until a sympathetic nurse took her to the NICU.

Claire’s mother was 13 years old when she got pregnant with twins. 5 months along, she was forced by a family member to have an abortion, but Claire survived. Claire’s mom was coerced to have a second abortion procedure, but was declined because of the medical risk, so Claire was born.

Both of these women have now reconnected with their birth moms, who have experienced healing in those reunions. In fact, Melissa and Claire are close friends with their birth moms. They discuss the politics of abortion and how they are ignored by politicians, who view them as the “dreaded complication” of abortion. The discussion includes the importance of having compassion and forgiveness for post-abortive women, through God’s grace.

News 24 You Tube Video

Rape victim speaks about raising a rape conceived child

EWTN You Tube Video

Susan B. Anthony List’s Jill Stanek shares her horrifying experience when she, as a nurse, witnessed babies being aborted alive and left to die. She shares why the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Abortion Protection Act is so important.

Fox News You Tube Video

Abby Johnson was once clinic director for Planned Parenthood, but she was so disturbed by what she saw, she became an anti-abortion activist. She tells her story to Tucker