By Sheila Baltzell 5-5-2022

The Rockford Eagles Aerie 1292 recently donated $1000 to the Kingdom Harvest Ministries, Rockford and Celina OH, under the leadership of Pastor Justin Monfort, Tom Sanford, Pastor Ken Meyer, and Matt Rhynehart.

Raising money for this worthy cause are Rod and Barb Carpenter of Celina who have committed to fund raising efforts for many projects over the past 6 years.

Pictured above are (l to r) Rod Carpenter, fund raiser and Tom Beahrs, treasurer of the Eagles. Rod accepted the check on behalf of Kingdom Harvest Ministries. In the past, the Eagles membership has given back to the community through donations to Community Health Professionals, Autism Speaks, Mercer County Cancer Association, Parkway Back Pack Project, Lots for Soldiers and the Parkway Booster Club. These donations have helped fund many projects in countless ways.  

Rod explains the program to which the Eagles donated, “The students and schools of Celina and Parkway have directly benefited from the Kingdom Harvest Ministries Program as the principles of the Bible they teach help influence the better behavior of the students.  By coming to know God’s laws and boundaries, students will be better equipped morally as well as spiritually to combat the evils of our age.”

He went on to say, “Indirectly, this benefits businesses and the community as these students then transfer the values of integrity and hard work into the community in which they live. Students who are diligent to pursue the word of God are overall better workers and better stewards of God’s possessions.”

“In 2014, Ohio enacted O.R.C 3313.6022 Released time courses for religious instruction.  No tax dollars go to support the KHM program. To date, the Carpenters have raised $30,000 for KHM. KHM’s vision for the future is to continue to serve the communities of Rockford and Celina.  Lord willing, they would like to expand their efforts into the surrounding areas.”  

Rod added that, “These 10 benefits have raised over $400,000.  This money benefited one family, nine non-profits, and one Endowed Scholarship Fund which will provide 5 $1,000 scholarships to Tri Star students this school year and continue to generate scholarships forever.”

Barb and Rod are still accepting funds for Kingdom Harvest Ministries and ask that you give them a call at 419-236-9136 or email them at to learn how you can help.