Submitted by Grand Knight Ken Schmiesing

(5-7-22) Last night at the Grand Knight’s Banquet of Celina Knights of Columbus Council 1800, Rick Rose was named Knight of the year, while Rob and Carey Luebke were honored as the 2022 Family of the Year.

Knight of the Year: Rick Rose

Since Rick has retired, he has made the Knights of Columbus a higher priority in his life. This past summer, Rick made sure that he helped every weekend with frying waffles. Without the money which came in from the waffle sales, Council 1800 would not be in the financial place which we are currently. Rick also helps out with our Chicken BBQ sales. Rick was a big help to my son, Seth, and me becoming 4th Degree members of the Knights of Columbus. Rick was there to help coordinate the local 4th Degree members’ participation in activities.

Rick and Teresa will be celebrating their 40th anniversary in July.

Family of the Year: Rob and Carey Luebke

Rob has been a huge reason for us having success in selling waffles this year. He has braved the elements to help the Council raise funds. Carey shared that the Knights of Columbus is near and dear to Rob’s heart. Rob has served the Air National Guard for over 28 years. Rob continues to support students at Celina City Schools by being the voice for our girls softball and basketball programs. I am witness to the pride Rob is able to instill in our young athletes with his professional performance behind the microphone. Rob also continues to volunteer time to support our athletic programs with his work in the concession stand. Rob serves as an usher at IC Church. Rob and Carey have four children, two boys and two girls. Their sons Riley and Jimmy are both K of C members. They are also both actively coaching and Rob loves to help them with that. Their daughter, Maddie, is attending Sienna Heights Catholic University. Their son Riley has now purchased a home, so Rob is excited to be able to help complete some home projects with his son. Rob is always looking for ways to help the kids.

Have you ever called IC School? Whether you are calling or visiting, Carey is that positive person who greets you. We thank you Carey for your dedication to the young IC Spartans! Carey also is a crafter. When we have long trip away games the ladies meet at IC to work on crafting projects. I have a great source, which shared with me, how welcoming a person Carey is at these events.

Carey wrote a letter this past fall which I read on Facebook. It is about the life lessons her daughter, Maddie, is learning by being a college athlete. I have additional respect for Carey for her sharing this message with others. What a great model of a mom she is! Carey has shared her magician skills with Maddie, which helped Maddie earn the Halo competition title this year at Sienna Heights.Rob and Carey will be celebrating their 34th anniversary this year.