(5-4-22) DANNY and Kevin Conquer Camping is a book that is likely to see parents, especially those with children with special needs, flock to bookshops in order not to miss a copy. However, the question in the minds of many readers is what is so special with this book?

Danny and Kevin Conquer Camping is a unique book. Written by Celina, Ohio 17-year-old Kale Sudhoff, he targets children between PreK to 2nd grade, particularly those who are disabled by amputation to inspire them. He has written this book to show kids that no matter the circumstances they can accomplish anything they set their mind to. In the book, It’s springtime, and Danny and his best friend Kevin are ready for fun. After Kevin goes through an unexpected farm accident, he just isn’t himself anymore. Determined to make him feel better, Danny takes Kevin camping. Will he be able to cheer him up, or will the Kevin he knew be gone forever?

Kale Sudhoff is a Junior at Celina High School. Kale loves art and enjoys drawing and sculpting animals. This is where he derives his passion as an author. Kale participates in golf and track in school and likes to fish and hang out with his friends in his free time. Kales says his favorite part of creating the book was making the illustrations.

What makes his book stand out from the rest? Kale said his was a Mission Book. He wants to be remembered for showing kids that no matter what their circumstances are they can do anything they put their minds to.

We asked if he has any professional links, and Kale responded:

“I don’t have one since I am not yet 18 years. But you can access my book through https://bit.ly/Conquer-Camping”.

Kale says with a lot of emphasis.

“Obstacles are what we see when we remove our eyes from the goal.”

Kale asserts that he wants kids who read this book to know what it means to be a true friend, and even if bad things happen they can still accomplish anything.

Kale hopes to market this book as a mission for people who have lost a limb and where possible be able to sell it locally and to groups who are focused on amputees.

The young author says he wants to pursue a profession as an author and illustrator for other children’s books with the help of his publisher, ImagineWe Publishers.