(3-15-22) It seems that Celina City Council has step in it again. At last night’s regularly scheduled City Council meeting they seem to make some decisions that confused a lot of them, the administration and the public.

Traffic signals and stop signs is the latest issue facing the council.

The council voted to make no changes on traffic signals or stop signs on Myers Road.

Myers and Meadowview will remain as a two-stop sign intersection.

Recently Mayor Jeff Hazel said the city had received a petition with over 300 signatures for some kind of safety action at the intersection. By now Celina residents realize that council members have not shown much regard for public input on issues.

Council member Mike Sovinski led the charge to not update the Meadowview intersection-

‘But we said there’s not enough traffic to warrant a light right?”

He also said –

‘So we put in a light in there, we have accidents, we are liable. I’m sorry for those 300 petitioners but we should follow what the law says.’

Going down the road to the Lilac Street light, Safety-Service Director Tom Hitchcock had proposed for the council to approve removing the light and put in a four-way stop. Instead the council voted to update the current traffic signals at Lilac at a cost of $115,000.

Police Chief Tom Wale suggested the city goes back to a two-stop sign Lilac Street intersection.

Wale said –

‘They put that traffic signal in to make it easier for kids to walk to school. Kids no longer walk to school, most of them don’t and so that pulls that reason for putting up the light in the first place.’

Councilman June Scott during the night seemed to have some thoughts both way on the issue.

‘I think we’re kind of stuck in a rock and hard spot because people are using this as a bypass to get around Celina.

Yet at the same time the speed is excessive on this, yet at the same time we want traffic to flow there.’

For now Celina residents will see no changes in traffic conditions.