(2-16-22) Superintendents from the current Tri Star Compact member schools (New Bremen, New Knoxville, Minster, Marion Local, Celina, St. Marys, Coldwater, St. Henry and Fort Recovery) have asked director Tim Buschur to explore establishing a governing structure that would offer them more say in decision making of the highly successful school.

Superintendents also want to look into maintaining the current compact of schools while establishing Tri Star’s own entity. Such a move would redirect local and state funds directly to the school, not through Celina City Schools, which has always served as its fiscal agent since day one.

The proposed arrangement under consideration could lead to greater financial transparency and ensure the school’s long-term success.

The superintendents feel they need a governing structure that would give equal representation to all compact members and decision making. Presently the Celina City Schools board has the final say on the majority of the decisions.


Tri Star was first put in place in the early 1980’s when Celina City Schools Superintendent Ralph Stelzer laid the ground work for the program. Prior to that numerous attempts to pass the formation of a technical education school program were placed on the ballot…but defeated at the polls. Stelzer took the lead…with Coldwater and St. Marys joining in to help put Tri Star (the name ‘Tri’comes from the three who formed the school) in place. Ohio schools were required to have an option for their students in a technical education school program. One Mercer County school district Parkway, decided not to wait and now and in the past have sent their students to Van Wert to Vantage.

Until the new Tri Star Building was put in place, classes were held in Celina, Coldwater and St. Marys.

The process is in the early stages of finding out what steps would need to be taken and what the state would require for such a change in leadership.

A look back…

Mercer County Chronicle, April 28, 1983