(1-23-22) Ohio Republicans have passed a revised version of a state legislative district plan, voting on Saturday night to send the plan to the Ohio Supreme Court for review and possible approval.

The changes include local counties to move to different districts then the original map that was recently approved, but overruled by the Ohio Supreme Court who said they were unconstitutional due to favoring Republicans in many races.

Local Changes-

All of Allen County will be in the 86th House District, which includes the northern part of Auglaize County. All of the county is in the 12th Senate District.

The northern part of Auglaize County is in the 86th House District. The southern part is in the 84th House District, which includes Mercer County and the northern two-thirds of Darke County. All of the county is in the 12th Senate District.

The new map, if approved by the Supreme Court, will put Celina’s Angie King in the 86th District, King recently announced that she would be a Republican candidate for the 82nd District.

On Saturday evening, Republican Auditor Keith Faber from Celina criticized Democratic map-makers for not producing their map proposal until Saturday morning with the midnight deadline looming.

“It appeared to many of us that because we wouldn’t explicitly say we absolutely were going to do a [perfectly proportionate] map, somebody took their ball and went home.”