(1-5-22) In October Ohio’s new license plate was unveiled in October. But soon after, the state had to fix a historical inaccuracy.

Featured on the top of the plate is the Ohio-native Wright Brothers’ first airplane — the Wright Flyer— pulling a red banner that says “Birthplace of Aviation.” In the original version shown to the public at an October news conference, the banner flows in a way that signals the plane is flying to the left.

The problem was that the Wright Flyer was facing the wrong way.

According to an Associated Press (AP) story yesterday…the AP obtained public records of the entire design process. The state spent 15 months developing the plate from start to finish.

Designers at the Ohio Department of Public Safety discussed over the details of the plates, including the colors and the plate’s rural and urban themes. The Ohio State Highway Patrol tested for readability. Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine and his wife, Fran, were also involved, right down to deciding the breed of the playful dog used in the design.

Not once during the process did anyone point out the backwards plane.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation hopped on the miscue in October. North Carolina and Ohio have both claimed the Wright Brothers accomplishment.