(12-16-21) Yesterday a student safety issue was being investigated by the Celina Police Department.

Dr. Ken Schmiesing, Celina Schools Superintendent replied to our email request on the situation:

Most of the information being shared on social media is not true. The rumor was investigated yesterday at the Middle School. It is safe to have students at school today. 

From Celina Police Department statement on Facebook:

Yesterday Celina School Administration and our school resource officer did investigate an incident at the Celina Middle School in which juveniles were playing with candy canes and pretending to shoot each other. Those individuals were dealt with by the school. Out of that, a rumor of a hit list and possible school shooting began.

School officials and the police department thoroughly investigated the incident and determined that these are unfounded rumors.

We are aware of social media post circulating by someone that had no involvement in the investigation or knowledge of the incident. This post spread fear to other parents and students.

The Celina PD takes all threats to our students and citizens seriously. We will let you know if there is a credible threat and take assertive action to keep everyone safe. Please do not give credence to irresponsible people making uniformed posts on social media.