CELINA – The Mercer County Health District and local health partners are launching an assessment of access to health care in Mercer County. The assessment aims to identify what gaps and challenges exist that prevent Mercer County residents from obtaining the care they need to live a healthy.

Mercer County residents are encouraged to contribute to this assessment by completing the 2021 Mercer County Access to Health Care Survey found at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/3YJYMS2. All survey responses will be anonymous. To gather more detailed information on health care access issues, members of the assessment team will also be conducting several focus groups and key informant interviews with various members of the community.

The information collection phase of the assessment will continue through January 14, 2022. The data will then be compiled and analyzed to develop a report highlighting Mercer County’s biggest access to health care needs. This report would then be used by community partners to work together to better meet the needs of the county.