(11-18-21) Jamie Abvatieh (59) Celina has been arrested on a 5th degree felony charge of theft without consent due to an incident at the Celina Walmart that allegedly occurred on Tuesday November 16th and is accused of taking fromWalmart of $1,156 worth of store merchandise.

Abvatieh was taken to the Mercer County Jail and is being held on $15,000 bond.

A theft in Ohio is considered a felony if the value of the property stolen is worth more than $1,000. Felony theft can be in the first, second, third, fourth, or fifth degree, depending on the property in question. The least severe felony theft is felony of the fifth degree, which occurs when:

  • the value of the property or services stolen is worth $1,000-$7,500;
  • the property is a credit/debt card, check, or other negotiable instrument; or
  • the property is a vehicle license plate or temporary placard, a blank vehicle title form, or a blank form for a driver’s license.