(10-5-21) Portland (Indiana) City Council Monday night approved a new COVID-19 policy and agreed to give employees who have received the coronavirus vaccine a $300 gift card.

The policy also calls for employees who must miss work because of COVID-19 to be paid for up to five days. Any leave needed beyond five days will require employees to use sick days or vacation days.

Portland Mayor John Boggs in a Commercial Review story that the city can not require that employees share their vaccination status, bu that an incentive could be put in place on a voluntary basis. A motion was made that employees who voluntarily share proof of vaccination can be rewarded with a $300 gift card. The motion passed 6-1.

According to an email reply from Mayor Boggs the gift cards will be a Visa card from a local bank to be used anywhere. The Mayor also told us that City of Portland has 53 eligible employees for the incentive. If every employee takes advantage of the incentive the City would pay out $15,900.