(9-14-21) Ohio Governor Mike DeWine in a press conference today want’s to encourage school’s to have students vaccinated and wear masks during the school day. His appeal comes after a notice from six Ohio Children’s Hospital’s encourage schools to consider.

DeWine says in several tweets – The data are now clear that there is a higher level of COVID in school districts where masks are not required. – But did not

Over the two-week period ending September 4th, there was an average of 909 cases per 100,000 for school-aged Ohio kids versus only 561 cases per 100,000 for the rest of us. The 16 highest number of cases per day throughout the entire pandemic for kids aged 5 to 17 in Ohio have all been in the last 19 days

There were no specific school districts mentioned by either the group or the OCHA. They also do not mention if any of the recent cases are from the Delta variant or from the orginal COVID.

Neither the Governor or the Hospitals gave details on why vaccinations and masks would help curb the outbreak. Thanks to recent legislation passed this summer DeWine’s power in ordering health mandates are very limited in what he is able to do.