• DATE(S):        TUESDAY SEPT. 14, 2021 / WEDNESDAY SEPT 15, 2021
  • TIMES:            0800 HOURS – 1600 HOURS
  • LOCATION:    MERCER COUNTY HOME 4871 SR 29, CELINA, OH  45822                               

COST:             FREE

The Mercer County Sheriff’s Office will be hosting Active Shooter Response Training on Sept. 14 & Sept. 15, 2021.  The training will be presented by the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office and conducted at the Mercer County Home.

We have scheduled two separate (8) hour training days.  Each day will have the same training so that departments can send half of their personnel the first day and the other half the next day.  The Sheriff’s Office is covering the cost of providing the training. 

There will be a short classroom portion of the training that will be followed up with hands on role playing scenarios involving intruders and victims.  We will be utilizing the use of “air soft” guns to help simulate “Force” on “Force” training.

This will be the 6th year for the Sheriff’s Office hosting an Active Shooter Response Training session in Mercer County.  We have had (24) students sign up to attend the class.  This includes personnel from most of the law enforcement agencies in Mercer County.

During the time we have been conducting the training we have been moving the locations throughout the county.  In the past we have had conducted the sessions at several different schools districts.  It was decided to use a different type of location this year.  Unfortunately these types of situations can often occur in any type of building.  The availability of the County Home is allowing us to practice our response in a “residential facility”.  Our hope is to allow all of the officers from Mercer County to train in differing types of structures so that they are better prepared to circumstances like this.

We hope that we never have to use the training, but want to be as prepared as possible if we do.

The public may notice an increased police presence in the area of the Mercer County Home.  There will be a large amount of officers in and around the building.  The area will be posted with training warning notices and will be closed off to the public.