(9-6-21) Last year due to the pandemic the Durbin Bean Bake was cancelled. In 2021, despite the current conditions, the Bean Bake was back for another year. This year will mark the 122nd year the event has been held.

2021 Durbin Bean Bake Program

Luckily there are some articles on line that highlight one of the longest annual events in Ohio and Mercer County. You will notice Bean Bake regular (Uncle) Jack Snavely mentioned in every story.

Civil War veteran and former camp cook, Andrew Jackson Snavely, sought a reunion with his war buddies back in the late 1800s. He longed for another chance to fix beans, hardtack and sowbelly for his fellow soldiers.

First named the Bean Supper and later The Durbin Soldier’s Bean Supper Association, the first bean bake was held on Labor Day in 1898. Mount Carmel Church officials and the local American Legion post took turns handling the event prior to handing it over to the community club.

1907 (September) St. Henry Advocate (formerly the Celina Advocate10th Bean Bake

Celina Democrat 1916

1910 Celina Democrat