(8-31-21) A panel appointed by Ohio Supreme Court Justice Maureen O’Connor has issued a preliminary ruling that Wapakoneta Mayor Thomas Stinebaugh should be temporarily suspended from his position as mayor while criminal charges against him play out in court.

The commission determined Stinebaugh is legally responsible for the administration of the City of Wapakoneta, and the charges against him are directly related to his duties as mayor.

According to the ruling –

“Stinebaugh’s continued administration or conduct in the performance of the duties of Mayor of Wapakoneta, pending disposition of the criminal charges against him, would adversely affect the functioning of that office and would adversely affect the rights and interests of the public.”

Stinebaugh has the opportunity to contest the preliminary determination by filing with the Special Commission a notice of his objection within 14 days. If he does not file a notice contesting the determination, the preliminary determination shall become the final determination of the Special Commission.