(8-16-21) Rachel Dawson has been assistant manager at the Dollar General Store at 1740 N. Union St. for the past 15 years. On Friday, she tried to stop a shoplifter. Dawson would suffered a concussion, a broken nose and other bruises, scrapes and scratches during the altercations.

The Dollar General shoplifting policy states that employees should not touch suspected shoplifters, or go after them once they have left the store.

She is concerned that she might lose her job.

Details of the incident are below in a Go Fund Me campaign established to help Dawson.

Go Fund Me – Help Rachel keep Rockin

Richo and Rachel Dawson if anyone knows them they know they are two of the most loyal hardworking people you know. They have been together for 30 years now have 5 great kids and 8 adorable grandbabies

When not working at Dollar General, where she has worked for the last 15 years or being Richos caddy on the weekends at his Disc Golf tournaments…Rachel spends enjoying being a mawmaw.

Rachel always takes pride in everything she does and does it 100% in everything and that includes her job at Dollar General, she takes the responsibility of keeping her employees and her store as safe as she would as if she was in her own home protecting her family.

So when early this summer when a woman got violent with one of Rachels cashiers when a candle she wanted was 5.00 and not 2.50 was asked to be respectful or leave and decided to leave, Rachel being nice followed her to her car to tell her she would give her the discount when the woman got in her car and backed over her running over her leg tearing her ACL. The incident was caught on video and they were able to get her license plates, the police didn’t get the woman’s name so no charges were able to be filed.

Any other person would have quit , but not Rachel .. she worked through her recovery . Friday August 13th started as any normal day for Rachel, going about her job until she noticed a man and woman acting suspicious and realized that they were shoplifting. Rachel chased them out of the store to their car grabbing the door handle as they jumped in the car to flee.

They drove off with her still holding on to their car being dragged unable to let go because they were going to fast. By the time she was able to let go she had broken her nose in 2 places which will require plastic surgery in the future to fix properly, stitches and road rash over half of her body.

After spending all day in ER Rachel is finally home with Richo safe. But her recovery is going to long and expensive. Our friends who have stood by many of us through our struggles need us now, if anyone can help this family, this strong woman to get through this with as little stress as possible they will be so appreciative.

Please help us help them because they are a strong stubborn loving who would struggle together before asking anyone for help. Help us how them how much we all love them.

RACHEL I hope the Dollar General Management sees what an amazing person they have in their company. NOW STOP CHASING SHOPLIFTERS!