COLDWATER — (7-7-21) Hometown Cable, headquartered in Coldwater, Ohio, has signed an agreement with (Haubstadt) Indiana-based GRiT Technologies to manage and reconstruct Hometown Cable’s wireless and fiber internet networks, and restructure various components associated with Hometown’s day-to-day business operations.

Hometown Cable offers a wide variety of telecommunications services including phone, television, and internet to areas around Coldwater, St Henry, and Montezuma. They also provide wireless internet in both Darke and Preble counties.

GRiT Technologies was contracted in October of 2020 to evaluate all aspects of Hometown Cable’s model. GRiT provided Hometown’s ownership with strategic analysis, operating plan and budget, technical plan and budget, and marketing plan and budget.

Hometown Cable’s ownership agreed with GRiT’s evaluation and vision which included completely rebuilding Hometown Cable.

GRiT Chief Technical Officer, Tom Kolb, has designed a superior wireless network that will provide subscribers a minimum of 25 Megabits of download speed per second (Mbps) and in many cases up to 100 Mbps. New state-of-the-art equipment is on order and will be attached to towers that feed Hometown’s wireless network along with new equipment to be stationed at customers’ houses.

GRiT CEO Roger Criblez

“Current subscribers will see a significant increase in their ability to function over the we,.The millions of dollars being invested by Hometown’s ownership will reshape the entire network so customers will have an internet, television, and voice (telephone) experience they can successfully utilize without frustration.”

The GRiT team has integrated the Hometown team with outsourced vendors for various components of the daily operations to reinvigorate quality and efficiency.

Criblez added

“We are just getting started. And we have a ways to go to get our entire customer base switched over, but change is in the air, and change in all aspects of doing business is coming to Hometown.”

GRiT Technologies is an Internet management, operations, and a consulting group formed in 2020. GRiT Technologies is located in Haubstadt, Indiana. The expertise of GRiT’s founders is rooted in fiber and wireless Internet, network architecture, the Internet of Things (IoT), and edge computing. By utilizing strategic partnerships, GRiT Technologies is helping ISP’s rejuvenate rural communities by delivering a broadband signal otherwise not available. Visit GRiT Technologies on the web at