(7-2-21) Mercer County officials found out recently that the Celina Sanitary Landfill will close on or around July 20, according to a letter sent to Mercer County officials.

Civil & Environmental Consultants, on behalf of the the landfill, submitted a letter to the Ohio EPA and county officials regarding final closure of the landfill at 6141 Depweg Road owned by Republic Services. The letter serves as a 30-day notice that the landfill will cease to accept solid waste on or about July 20.

No reason was given why the landfill would be closing. But a recent exemption form the Ohio EPA on June 9 allows the landfill to stockpile access of solid waste from the Klosterman/Kurtz Bros site and would keep the site working until at least October of this year.

A June 3 meeting with the Ohio EPA mentioned the impending landfill closure. in the exemption approval seen below

No indication from county officials on what impact the closing of the landfill will have on solid waste needs in Mercer County.

Below is the most recent Solid Waste Plan Update for needs from 2020-2034. The plan was approved in 2019, but most statistics come from 2016.