(5-14-21) Michael Watercutter has been hired as the new Mercer County Soil and Water Conservation District administrator. Watercutter will begin on Monday May 17th.

Watercutter replaces Chad Scott who resigned in February. Watercutter is familiar with the SWCD having served as a conservation technician with SWCD several years ago. He is coming to the SWCD after being employed as a Research Agronomist at Indigo Ag.

Watercutter studied Agronomy at The Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute and is a graduate of Anna High School.

Responsibilities of Mercer Soil & Water Conservation District

The Mercer Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD) is a legally organized subdivision of the state of Ohio, and is responsible for conserving soil, water, and natural resources in Mercer County.  As a unit of state government, the District operates under the provision of Chapter 940 of the Ohio Revised Code.

Funding for the Mercer SWCD comes from two main sources: The Mercer County Commissioners and the Ohio Department of Agriculture – Division of Soil and Water Conservation.  The funds provided from ODA come via state match as outlined in the state budget.

The District is managed and directed by a five-member Board of Supervisors, each is elected to serve a three-year term of office.  Supervisors donate their time to the district to promote conservation activities.  The responsibilities of the supervisors include administering the district program, coordinating the help of Government agencies, and establishing the policies and priorities concerning the work to be accomplished in conservation education and technical assistance on the land.  The Mercer SWCD staff and the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) staff work together to serve the people of Mercer County.  The Board of Supervisors and staff invites you to join the conservation efforts and implement sound conservation programs in Mercer County.