Alex Knous to Preach on Sunday, May 16

(5-13-21) The Congregation of St. Paul’s United Church of Christ Rockford invites the community to hear Alex Knous, former mission worker, and member of the New Life Christian Center, who will be in the pulpit on Sunday, May 16, 2021. His sermon title – Time to Turn Around.

Sheriff Jeff Grey, will speak on Sunday, May 23, 2021.

Social distancing and other rules are being followed to keep everyone safe. The community is invited to worship with us!

St. Paul’s Congregation Enjoyed Pastor Doug Meyer’s Sermon
Reverend Doug Meyer delivered the sermon on May 9, 2021 which is the last Sunday of Easter. It was also Mother’s Day, and Doug held a Children’s Moment.

To the children in attendance he produced a stuffed caterpillar which turned into a butterfly with some folding and twisting of the stuffed creature. His message was that Jesus is seen as new life and is often depicted as a butterfly. The children saw a butterfly on the banner near the altar as well as in the stained glass window of the sanctuary. Doug
provided home baked sugar cookies, to the children and congregation, in the shape of a butterfly to remember Jesus and a heart to remember their moms.

According to the Bible, Jesus, as his time grew short on Earth, issued a new commandment, “Love one another.” He told those he was with at the table that they could not come with him, and then he left the Earth. Doug commented that Mother’s Day is a National Holiday, but not a religious one. However, the Bible says much about marriages and families –Godly parents for our children. Jesus loved the little children.

Pastor Doug explained that in a family, three things must happen to have a solid, happy, Godly home.

  1. Love and affection must abound unconditionally.
  2. Encouragement must be heard unendingly.
  3. Faith is shared unashamedly and must be proclaimed unceasingly. For, our homes are our first churches.