(4-29-21) A recent Facebook (4-6-21) posting, by Mercer County Recorder Angie King, has brought a lot of attention to the upcoming Celina School District Building Levy to be voted on this Tuesday May 4th.

  • The Tax Estimator is on the Mercer County Auditor’s web page for citizen’s to use

The 8.2 mill levy has been certified by the County Auditor and should the levy pass, the estimated cost will be $287 (8.2 mills x $35.00) for a taxpayer of a $100,000 owner-occupied home. Not $182 per $100,000 owner-occupied home, as is being advertised in the most recent levy mailer. How can that be?

The posting replies to the posting created a lot of comments from local voters.

The local school district has made several attempts in recent years to move forward with an updated building program of aging facilities.