March 9, 2021, Celina, OH — Evie Novak, Special Investigative Unit (SIU) Senior Investigator at Celina Insurance Group, recently earned the Certified Insurance Fraud Investigator (CIFI) designation.

The CIFI program is an accrediting process for individuals with the specialized skills required to detect, investigate and deter insurance fraud. The program has a high standard for admission and testing, including adherence to the International Association of Special Investigation Unit’s (IASIU) code of ethics and a demonstrated competency through mandatory continuing professional education.

Novak is a current member of the IASIU and has been active in the SIU for more than three years. To achieve the CIFI, she acquired 100 points toward the examination application that combines educational degrees and years of insurance investigation experience. She also successfully passed the exam.

Novak said –

“After 33 years as an insurance adjuster, I moved into the role of Special Investigator, and although I had a good foundation for the position, I didn’t have formal training in this area. By following the steps to certification, I gained the knowledge and confidence to perform the job.” 

, Anne McMillan, Senior Director of Claims at Celina

“Evie is an integral member of our investigative unit and able to manage complex investigations. She already possesses excellent communication skills, but now she also increased her technical aptitude and domain knowledge.”

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