left to right:  Linda Haines, Executive Director of the JTD Hospital Foundation;  Kraig Noble, attorney for Mrs. Krogman from Noble, Montague and Moul, LLC; and Cindy Berning, President and CEO of the Grand Lake Health System.   

(2-12-21) The JTD Hospital Foundation is pleased to announce an estate gift has been received from Mrs. Erika Krogman of St. Marys.  This generous gift has been directed to be used to support the specialized care and services provided by Grand Lake Hospice.

Prior to her passing, Mrs. Krogman made the decision to establish a planned estate gift to benefit Grand Lake Hospice.  An estate gift allows an individual to direct their generosity of a future gift to an organization, a cause or an individual.  This special gift to hospice will provide resources to caregivers, families and patients who are facing life’s final stages.

Linda Haines, Executive Director of the JTD Hospital Foundation

“Grand Lake Hospice provides care to any individual who is eligible for hospice services and requires end of life care,” .

“Mrs. Krogman’s generous gift will enhance the quality of life for those served by Grand Lake Hospice and ensure the resources are available to anyone regardless of their financial situation.” 

Grand Lake Hospice has provided care to our surrounding communities since 2007.  Each patient is cared for by a multi-disciplinary team who work together to address the physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs of each patient and family.  The hospice team consists of the patient’s physician, a Medical Director, nurses, aides, social services, pastoral care, music therapy, massage therapy, rehab, and volunteers.

The Grand Lake Hospice team addresses issues most important to the patient’s needs and wants at the end of their life with focus on improving the patient’s quality of life. This care may be provided in the patient’s home, in the hospital, in a skilled nursing facility or an assisted living facility.  Grand Lake Hospice also provides bereavement support.  Examples include individual or group support, cards, phone calls, visits, books from the Healing Memories Library, a yearly Memorial Flower Planting event and an annual Candlelight Memorial Service.

For more information about Grand Lake Hospice call 419-394-7434.  To learn more about how you can give a gift from the heart, contact Linda Haines, Executive Director of the JTD Hospital Foundation at 419-394-3387, ext. 3574 or lhaines@jtdmh.org