(1-25-21) 43 years ago Mercer County was hit by one of the most dramatic blizzards to ever hit the county. The Mercer County Chronicle edition of February 2nd, 1978 covered the front page with stories detailing the event.

The storm caused hurricane like winds, major power outages, drifted roads and cold temperatures.

Ohio History Connection

On this day in 1978, a great blizzard struck the state, dumping several feet of snow. With wind gusts at 100 miles per hour in some areas, many referred to the blizzard as a “white hurricane.” Nearly 6,000 people were stranded on Ohio roads. The extreme cold and precipitation caused the deaths of 51 people and resulted in more than $100 million in damage. Governor James A. Rhodes declared a state of emergency calling the blizzard the “greatest disaster in Ohio history.” The last of the snow didn’t melt in some northern areas of the state until May 5.

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